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From the dust jacket:   Conspicuous Life: George B. Christian Sr. and the Rise of Industrial Marion. By Joel Miyasaki. (Sycamore, IL: Zea Mays Publishing. 2016. vi + 334 pp. Illustrations, maps, notes, index. $30.00.)

ISBN 978-0989716710


A Conspicuous Life traces George B. Christian Sr.’s (1846-1930) story and the growth of the city he loved. Born in Marion, Ohio, Christian was only a boy when he volunteered in the Union Army during the Civil War. Later he served as an editor of one of Marion’s most important newspapers, the Marion Democratic Mirror. For forty years he worked as a prominent leader in the lime and stone industry, running quarries in Marion and Delaware Counties. Christian was a friend and neighbor of President Warren G. Harding. He helped the future president learn the newspaper business and encouraged his political ambitions. Christian’s son served as Harding’s personal secretary in the White House. Christian eventually defended Harding’s memory as scandal threatened to tarnish the fallen president’s legacy. Miyasaki’s biography not only tells the story of the man, but seamlessly contextualizes the events from his life into the larger history of the Marion, Ohio, and the nation.