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In Search of A Fair Wind
Georgia Townsend Yates and Clint Cargile

In 1891, twenty-four-year-old Georgia Townsend Yates packed up her infant daughter and left her affluent life in the farming town of Sycamore, Illinois, to journey halfway around the world.  

For fifteen months, Georgia lived in the closed-off world of her husband's ship, the Willie Reed.  To record her journey, she wrote letters to her mother back in Sycamore.  Her sea letters show pluck and humor and provide a fascinating glimpse into the daily life of a captain's wife who does everything from mending shirts to hunting albatross.  Georgia's insights on first-time motherhood, maritime domesticity, and even mutiny are as fresh and exciting today as when she wrote them.

Supplemental material by historian Clint Cargile provides further context  for the life and world of Georgia Townsend Yates.  Her prominent family carved their path from New York to Illinois, bringing big ideas about industry and equality with them.   Inheriting her family's wanderlust, Georgia followed her heart to the far side o the world before carving her own path in Maine and then Boise, Idaho.  Her letter share the glory and tedium of an ocean voyage and exemplify her life-long quest In Search of a Fair Wind.